Project’s history

The Lucky 13 project began in 2020 as a collaboration between a group of members of Gotica Toscana aps and the Antigonart association. We believe that digital historical content, accompanied by new ways of storytelling, is essential for commemoration in the 21st century. The initiative, which focuses on the activities of people in Tuscany who contributed to the rescue of monuments and works of art, attracted other team members who contributed to the project.

Van Huysum’s ‘Vase of Flowers’ returns to Florence with the Colonna della Libertà 2020

Andrea Gatti

Ilaria Gatti

Simone Pratelli

Ugo Coppoli

Anna Laura Chiarini

Iacopo Braschi

Vittoria Pacini

Elisa Paoli

Caterina Zaru

What we bring to the table

Over the past few years we have travelled an extraordinary path that has helped us develop the expertise needed to provide high-quality historical services, but we also have something else: a passion for what we do. Our team members are genuinely interested in helping you connect with the past and discover the impact of history on the present and the future.

Monument Men and Womes at the Palazzo dei Vicari in Scarperia 18 September 2020

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