Rodolfo Siviero

Born in 1911 in Guadistallo (Pisa), he studied literature at the University of Florence, and then he became a critic of art and literature for many magazines. In 1937 he went to Germany undercover with the SIM (Italian intelligence). In 1940 he started his activity as anti-fascist, and he first attempted to sabotage Nazis’ illegal… Continue reading Rodolfo Siviero

Palma Bucarelli

Born in 1910 in Rome, she studied literature at La Sapienza University. In 1933 she won a competitive exam and became a Fine Art’s supervisor (together with the more famous Giulio Carlo Argan). In 1941 she became director of the National Modern Art Gallery of Rome. As a superintendent during WWII, she hid all the… Continue reading Palma Bucarelli

Giorgio Castelfranco

Giorgio Castelfranco was born in Venice on January 18th, 1896. He got a degree in literature at Florence University in 1921; then he won a public competition and began his career in Fine Arts, in many museums, like Taranto, Perugia and (in 1929) Florence, where he was directed by Giovanni Poggi, who praised him for… Continue reading Giorgio Castelfranco